Our Clients


Tempe, Arizona

The University opened a Tempe, Arizona, branch campus in the spring of 2017.  Initial programs will focus on undergraduate business degree completion and an MBA program.

In this transaction, UGS served as the advisor to the University in its site selection process for its first out-of-state campus and subsequent lease negotiations. Jim Cunningham of First Day Ventures LLC, as UGS’s real estate advisor, was instrumental in both the site selection and negotiation process.

The University joins Trine University (IN) and Huntington College (IN) as UGS clients now operating successful branch campuses in greater Phoenix, Arizona.

The University Knowledge District

UGS is currently designing a mixed-use academic, student housing, R&D and retail site for a proposed campus location in Southern California.

The site will bring together multiple colleges and universities focused on academic programs that will increase student retention to graduation and serve local and regional economic development workforce needs.

International Education: China

UGS is currently designing a new “East-West” academic consortium model and business plan for a proposed residential campus in China.

The privately owned and operated site will provide a residential student experience for US, Chinese and other international students.  Institutions that are interested in learning more about the project are invited to contact UGS for a confidential briefing.

International Education: Global

UGS is also currently designing, for a client, a new international academic consortium model and business plan for a proposed graduate education consortium in partnership with business and industry.

The forty-acre site in a Western US metroplex will include academic space, housing, innovation/R&D labs and mixed retail space.  First Day Ventures is assisting USG in this project.


Mergers and Acquisitions

UGS served as a confidential strategic merger advisor to an undergraduate college and graduate university in the Western United States.

UGS developed a proposal for an immediate merger of “back office” operations and a significant online education growth plan for the two institutions, designed to provide significant net revenue to their main campuses.

Online Education for At-Risk Students

UGS currently serves as a confidential advisor to a national charter high school system that is creating a regionally accredited online college for at-risk youth.  The target date for admitting the first class is late 2017.


Global Learning Network

At the request of a university client for new student growth strategies, UGS developed the concept of a Global Learning Network, designed to deliver complimentary, short-term, non-credit learning experiences to developing countries with strategic partners.

Following the completion of its business model and capitalization in 2017, the Network will develop and disseminate content through the university’s current online infrastructure in such diverse areas as health care, small business development and literacy.

Academic Badge Programs

UGS is advising an international human performance training company on the development of a new “soft skills” badge program for college students and recently hired employees.

The badge program will be developed in consultation with major US businesses and industries.  Phase One focuses on the hospitality and call center industries.

Online Education

UGS is confidentially advising a college located in the southwestern United States on a strategic plan to significantly grow its online degree program offerings, while we continue to assist them in evaluating merger and acquisition strategies.


Employment and Learning

In 2016, UGS developed a proprietary one-stop process to enable any unemployed or underemployed individual to identify real-time opportunities to enter or re-enter the workforce, while simultaneously enrolling for a postsecondary credential.

In 2017, UGS will be actively seeking strategic funding and IT partners to bring the program to market.  UGS invites expressions of interest to participate in the development, funding or implementation of this ground-breaking technology.

Education Technology

UGS serves as an advisor to a start-up company that has developed an integrated software suite of services for colleges and universities that significantly improves student retention and faculty productivity.