Our mission

Dr. Edward Johnson founded University Growth Solutions, LLC with a mission to facilitate the creation of preferred futures for educational organizations seeking to change the world. Based upon Dr. Johnson’s experience as a president of a non-profit college, non-profit university, for-profit college and state higher education agency, and as your partner, he will help you grow your brand, and your bottom line.

The Problems

Given these dynamics, many presidents and their boards are looking for a trusted, discrete advisor to plan and implement significant institutional transformation initiatives beyond traditional, conservative, incremental, and often, reactive tactics.

Our Solution

The encouraging news is that we are arguably experiencing the “Golden Age of Higher Education.” For the first time in human history, anyone on the planet, through emerging digital technologies, will be able to learn. The economic importance of acquiring a post-high school credential will become increasingly imperative for economic viability. For those higher education institutions that are guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, new structural and programmatic opportunities are available through employer-driven programs technology and partnerships that we never thought possible in our professional lifetimes.